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Mini Wheel Track Assemblies

Standard assemblies of Mini Wheel components.  Single row in C section channel with either white or red Mini Wheels - suitable for live storage rails and side guides.  3 row track 90mm wide for small package accumulation.  Stainless 3 row track also available for food processing applications.

Mini Wheel C Section Side View Miniwheel  C Section Trak End View C Section track with  White Mini Wheel or Red Super Mini Wheel and Bearings.

Mini Wheel Components

Captive Bearing Side ViewCaptive Bearing End View Captive Bearing Polycarbonate.  Accepts either Mini Wheel and fits C section or 3 row track.

Super Mini Wheel in Captive Bearings

Red Super Mini Wheel H.D.P.E. plastic. Stainless axle.26mm dia. Load capacity 5Kg.

3 Row track 90mm wide by 13mm high.  3 rows of holes at 45mm pitch (centre row staggered by high pitch).  Side holes for bolting track sections together.  Available in Galvanised Steel and Stainless Steel 2500mm long.

3 row track

Red Super Mini Wheel

C Section Mini Wheel Track 3 Row Mini Wheel Track

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